SingTrix is a karaoke system with voice pitch correction and other sound effects. The machine is essentially a small box that hooks up to a microphone. When someone sings into it, it uses pitch correction software (autotune) and inserts harmonizing vocals to make the singer sound great. SingTrix also allows other cool voice effects such as turning your voice into a guitar or changing a man’s voice into a woman’s. The product comes as a kit containing a custom microphone with stand, the SingTrix box itself, and an amp. There is a companion phone and tablet app that streams songs and karaoke lyrics. Despite being impressed by the product, no sharks jumped in on a deal.

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5.00 Stars - 1 review for Singtrix

  1. Christopher

    I have a really bad singing voice. Really bad. A lot of times when I’m trying to sing earnestly people will laugh and tell me to “sing for real.” So I can relate to wanting help with karaoke. This is a really cool product. When you go to karaoke you don’t want to sound like yourself, you want to sound like a rock star! This product certainly help. From the tests they showed in the tank and the videos on the company’s site, no, it doesn’t suddenly sound like you’re Whitney Houston. But, the singers do sound more on pitch, more pleasant, with a fuller, richer sound. This seems to me like a great, innovative product, that would be a lot of fun.

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