The Baby Toon


The Baby Toon is made in the USA and was created in Hawai’i.

It is a soft silicone baby spoon that eliminates sharp angles and ends and is ergonomically designed for little hands to help make eating safer and fun.

I created the Baby Toon when I was 7 years old because my baby sister would put the back of a hard plastic spoon in her mouth. I invented this product in hopes that I could protect babies and help a lot of families.

The Baby Toon is packaged in a white muslin tote, perfect for a ready to go baby gift. Please note: Attachment strap shown on Shark Tank is not included.

Caution: Wash before use. Discard and replace at first sign of damage. Never leave child unattended during use. Some foods may cause slight discoloration. Intended for use as a baby spoon.

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