The Dough Bar


Our DOUGHnuts are a healthy alternative to the average donut. Why have a protein bar when you can have a DOUGHnut or two?

The Dough Bar encourages self-control, humility, discipline, and moderation. But we also believe that these attributes can be practiced with a bit of leniency!

Our doughnuts arrive at your door plain and separated from our original, homemade toppings and glaze. This allows our customers to customize their Dough Bar experience. If you're short on macros, cut back a bit on the amount of glaze you add to your DOUGHnut. If you have some wiggle room, glaze away!

Our DOUGHnuts are baked, not fried. The Dough Bar is very conscientious of the ingredients we use in our recipe, and our ultimate goal is to keep the DOUGHnuts as macro-friendly as possible. Our DOUGHnuts have been tested in a laboratory setting to ensure the highest nutritional accuracy possible.

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