The Lapel Project


Transform any notch-lapel suit or jacket into an instant tuxedo with our one of kind patent-pending suit transformer bundle. The bundle includes a pair of black lapels that can be used with our patent-pending fabric adhesive or can be sewn on to achieve the full 007 look!

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4.00 Stars - 10 reviews for The Lapel Project

  1. Mary Helen McGowan

    Very cheap looking, ordered for my 17 year old prom… not happy at all.. I didn’t realize when he ordered there were no refunds!!! I totally understand why they don’t do refunds, they would be bankrupt in days since these lapels are so cheap and do not fit “regular suits” as stated in their advertisement. Very disappointed but learned a valuable lesson… DO NOT ORDER THESE UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY!!!! I could go to my local fabric store and buy material to see on myself would be a great improvement of their “cheap” material… I ordered the Black Satin 007…

  2. Karen

    Not happy with product at all! Ordered burgundy for my sons prom. Color was actually purple. Did not match dress at all. Color was not the color in the picture. Very disappointed!!! And no refunds!! Would not recommend!

  3. Maria Pinango

    Amazing product ny husband looked so sharp

  4. Robert Shepard

    in complete shock with this product! it really makes a huge difference and totally saved me from having to spend over $200 on a rental! thank you!

  5. Linda conningham

    Maria pinango is a fake review!!!! She works for sartori and not real name either

  6. Pete

    Product really blew me away. I had a customized order for my wedding and we looked great. I highly recommend them worth the money.


    I use these lapels all the time for my instore events, love them and it’s easy to change out different colors. Definitely recommend the product as a great accessory for your suit.

  8. Ilaset Socas

    This is genius. We are frequent cruise travelers and I was tired of my boyfriend bringing three suits with him in every time we take a cruise. I bought him three Lapel sets and it was a success. Plenty of room for me to pack more clothes and everyone had something to say about my guys suits.

  9. JOSE Abinazar

    Easiest thing ever! Very happy with it.

  10. Mary

    Incredible product!!! We used it for my groomsman for our wedding and now they have a beautiful suit the can use everything! I highly recommend it

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