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The Natural Grip is essentially a piece of fabric that fits over your hand to improve grip and prevent hand injuries while lifting weights. Using bare hands, many athletes experience cuts, blisters, and bleedings while using barbells and pull up bars. They often seek to remedy this by using weightlifting gloves or athletic tape. However, many athletes complain that athletic tape slips off and becomes ineffective, and gloves don’t give athletes the best, tightest grip they want for optimal athletic performance. That is where the natural grip comes in. Made of zinc oxide 100% cotton tape, the Natural Grip is fit to your ring finger size to prevent slippage. The natural grip hooks over the middle two fingers and extends fabric over the palm of the hand. It is secured on the wrist by regular athletic tape. With regular use, the Natural Grip should last 3-6 months. Both Robert and Daymond want a piece of natural grip, but in the end, Robert got the deal.

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3.50 Stars - 4 reviews for The Natural Grip

  1. Christopher

    I’m basically the poster child for the Natural Grip’s target market. When I started crossfit, I had little experience lifting free weights, particularly barbells, and using pull up bars extensively. My hands were constantly blistered, calloused, chapped, and sometimes even bleeding, making it harder for me to safely perform lifts. I tried athletic tape on many occasions, and while it did help some, removing it was very painful and often reopened the wounds I taped over. I didn’t try gloves, because I wanted a tighter grip, especially as a beginner. I could really see natural grip being a great product that I would use nearly every day. My only concern is how well it will stay in place—if it’s slipping and sliding around it won’t be very effective. That concern is hopefully unfounded. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Natural Grip.

  2. RD

    Sorry guys – this product was a waste of money. Commend the company for their excellent customer service but the product fell apart after one use. Size was inaccurate and better to just purchase gloves for gym. Product ascetic diminishes quickly after use. Need to built from more durable materials.

  3. Richard P Zuckerman

    I’m watching your presentation on Shark Tank as I type this. I want to buy at least one of your grips!!!

  4. Lois

    You should contact the colleges and training gums for gymnastics. My granddaughter is on team 1 gir MSU and I know they all need these protectors for the bars.

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