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Flaky and savory outside, The Pizza Cupcake is filled with deliciously fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes wrapped in our trade-secret, soft and light dough that literally melts in your mouth — transporting you straight to Venice with the cozy feeling of authentic Italian pizza, freshly baked at home.

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Flaky and savory outside, The Pizza Cupcake is filled with deliciously fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes wrapped in our trade-secret, soft and light dough that literally melts in your mouth — transporting you straight to Venice with the cozy feeling of authentic Italian pizza, freshly baked at home.

2.50 Stars - 26 reviews for The Pizza Cupcake

  1. Christine

    Awful.. live in NY placed order and it took 2 weeks to get order delivered.. waste of $40 .. save your money .. it’s just an upscale bagel bite .. better off ordering Pizza Hut.. better deal .. better tasting food .

  2. Barbara

    Too much crust, not enough filling. When you bite into it, all the filling comes out in the first bite. 90% crust, 10% filling. Felt like I was eating a bagel

  3. Robert McKenna

    Package was sent and ups did not leave package where they should have so the product was found lukewarm. The Pizza Cupcake people gave me a voucher for another but make ME pay $12.99 shipping and then told ME to file a claim with the shipper if I was not happy. THEY shipped it. THEY should have filed a claim. THEY were the only ones who could file a claim I thought the poor customer service ruined the entire gift and experience.

  4. Jeanette Miguelez

    Delicious, great delivery. Easy to cook. If you like Neapolitan style pizza , you will love this .

  5. David

    Terrible, trust me. I went out of my way to buy these after seeing the sharks rave. These are actually worse than most other frozen pizza options out there, very disappointing flavor and over priced. They are also smaller than the ones they give the sharks. The sharks must have eaten a special made from scratch batch. Hard to believe anyone would love these enough to buy them more than once.

  6. Andrew

    Saw these on Shark Tank and was immediately obsessed. They don’t ship to our state so we had these shipped to FL for a family vacation in December. They’re incredible and we were blown away at the quality. They ship frozen but taste like they’re made from scratch day of once heated up, it’s crazy. Not only are they amazing but their customer support went above and beyond to coordinate having them shipped to our rental company the day we arrived. Can’t wait to be able to get them regularly in our home state.

  7. Jodie

    I was excited to get these after the rave reviews from shark tank but I was so disappointed. It was all dough and while the texture of the dough was good, the taste was bland and nothing special. Not enough sauce. Just felt like you were eating a bland breadstick. I threw away the extras box I ordered.

  8. Dan L

    OBSESSED with this product! I am seriously addicted….unlike any other frozen pizza product I’ve ever had.

  9. Michele

    $26.00 for 12? No thank you. I understand you were on Shark Tank but I highly suggest lowering those prices.

  10. Ali

    Waste of money. Small mediocre pizza bites. Not cupcake size at all. These should be 4 to 5 fools rd the most.

  11. Jenny

    I hope they come out with new flavors soon!! Has become my favorite snack as of recently.

  12. Linda SM

    I was excited to finally find the pizza cupcake bagel without pepperoni. Well my excitement ended with one pizza cupcake bagel. There is very little sauce & cheese, it’s all dough. Barely a taste to it. I would not recommend, total waste of $8.98!

  13. Ed

    I liked mine. They are half the price at Walmart now

  14. Sharkie

    Gross! Had little to no sauce! Hardly any cheese! No flavor! Like eating baked bland dough!!! Waste of money all the hype of these nasty “pizza cupcakes” im sure fresh baked with actual sauce and cheese would be tasty but frozen and mass produced probably ruined what this product was supppsed to be.

  15. Julie

    These are great as a light meal or snack. I brushed some olive oil on the outside of them and they were a little more crispy which I prefer. The crust is light and flaky and the sauce is great.

  16. Jarrod M Meyer

    These had potential, but all the things that make it something delicious to look at, make it a terribly constructed snack to actually eat. I tried them with my 3 kids who range from 8-16 and they all decided it was meh, with a side of sus. The sauce and pepperoni tasted like basic frozen pizza toppings, however, the crust was flakey and soft, and the cheese seemed higher in quality than your basic frozen pie. The uneven distribution of toppings means a few bites with varying degrees of ingredients, most of which came off with the first bite. My kids and I all agree that pizza cupcakes are an overpriced gimmick that fails to deliver on taste. The best option, and will be forever, is the red baron french bread pizza. Get the big box from Sam’s or Costco and your gtg.

  17. Grace

    Directions were inaccurate. The single piece of pepperoni came out mildly cold on top while the dough was done so I had to finish them in the microwave. Other reviews said to let them defrost for an hour before baking but that’s not on the box which specifically states to keep them frozen.
    I saw the shark tank logo and the product picture and didn’t give it a second thought before I threw these in the cart. I so badly wanted to love them but after trying them I will not be buying again. I will also be thinking twice before I trust the shark tank stamp with future products. Great idea- poor execution. Though the dough was great, hence 2 stars.

  18. Joseph

    Bland. All the filling, what little there was, came out on first bite. Overpriced for what it is.

  19. Shelley

    Should leave no stars, no redeeming value. Bland, no taste, not enough sauce, etc etc Have no idea how these made it past judges on Shark Tank. Save your money.

  20. Daniel

    They started selling these at my local Wegmans so I picked up a six pack to try them out. Put them in the air fryer and wow they were so good.

  21. Shane

    I tried these snacks and they’re really good – perfect for a quick meal or snack. You just bake them in the oven and they taste fresh and delicious. They’re a bit expensive to ship, but if you can find them in stores, they’re worth it. I’d recommend them if you’re looking for a tasty and convenient snack!

  22. Laura

    I wanted to like them. The couple seem very sweet and smart. Making a pizza out of a Pillsbury crescent roll would basically be the same. The cheese was grainy and the sauce and pepperoni bland. I was racking my brain try to think of what it reminded me of then I remember the box pizza kits my dad and I used to do when I was little I think they are Chef Boyardee of Krusteaz. Anyway good idea but the taste is not there. Perhaps as a toddler food?

  23. Cristina

    I ordered these the first time when we’d first heard of them and they were fantastic. The second and third orders were similar experiences for us. I ordered these 7 days ago as a gift for a family we know and sent us a box too. No communication from the company, no tracking info, nothing. It’s very expensive…. they removed money from my account but it feels scammy now. I’d really rather a refund.
    We won’t buy again.

  24. Tracy

    I had high hopes that these would be good. Sadly, they were terrible!!! I purchased the pepperoni pizza cupcakes and they had a bitter, almost chemical aftertaste to them. Honestly, these were the worst pizza product I have ever had!

  25. Aurelia

    Really disappointing, barely any fillings for the price. Where is the flavour?

  26. Tee Hesson

    I’ve been waiting to try this. I bought a pack of 6. Oh my goodness this was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. It was a waste of money . I literally put 5.5 down the garbage disposal!! Please do not waste your money !!

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